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Hardwood Installation Services

At Rocha Wood Flooring, we will advise you on the latest techniques and trends and provide you with examples of different types of solid wood that will be useful if you still don’t know what you want for your home.

Throughout our 18 years of experience with solid wood flooring, our team has created custom woodworking projects you can only dream of. Our knowledge of how wood works, how it takes color, how to sand and refinish it, how to bend and shape it is of exceptional quality. 

We Can Do Anything

Hardwood Refinishing And Repair

Your solid wood floors have a classic and elegant style, but it is inevitable that with the course of time and constant use their appearance is not as shiny and attractive as in their best years. That’s why we offer a complete service that includes repairing and refinishing your floors.

When you hire us you get passionate flooring experts who will take the time to sand, remove blemishes, prepare the surface, apply primer and lacquers that will guarantee a beautiful, long-lasting finish that will bring your floors back to life. 

Are you an interior designer or a home or business owner and want a long lasting and attractive floo? You can count on our experts since we have not only the knowledge but also the necessary equipment to complete the installation and refinishing of your floors. 

Rocha Hardwood Floors Specializes In:

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